Canadian Pharmacy Prices

What is it that makes Canadian pharmacies so appealing to American customers? It’s quite easy to answer and boils down into one word: pricing. Canadian pharmacies claim that they can offer prices that are more competitive than buying drugs from a vendor in the US. These pharmacies can sell almost all medications sold back in the USA and ship to any location in the United States. This is why American HMOs encourage citizens of the United States to obtain prescription medications from Canada.
This is the reason why Canadian pharmacies are able to attract so many US clients and the client base continues to grow. There have been reports that up to 3000 prescriptions are being filled each day. Prescription drugs imported to Europe may cost as much as 60%-80% less than those bought in the US. Canadian pharmacies also sell prescription drugs to patients in these situations, provided that the patient is connected to an online doctor. The prescriptions can be obtained online or by phone. Usually, the drugs are shipped overnight using courier assistance.

Many pharmacies also offer an alternative to buying cheap drugs from Asia or the european union. They can ship it to you at no additional cost. The cost of drugs can be significantly lower than those offered by individual pharmacies. canadian pharmacy The complete US pharmaceutical sector increased in forearms against their Canadian counterparts and wishes to control this specific trade as a way to endure with healthy revenue margins.

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