Cat Ninja School Buddy

Hi! I’m a Cat Ninja School Buddy. You might be wondering what that is, so let me tell you all about it. It’s a blog about cats and ninjas. And schools of course because I am in school too! My favorite subject at school is maths because numbers are awesome! Now back to the ninja cat topic… What do you think? Pretty cool huh? Well, I need your help with this project for my blog, so please comment below if you have any ideas for topics or even what you want to see more of on this blog. The best idea will get a prize from me (not really) but they’ll get their idea featured on my blog post next week!!!

Here is the link if you would like:

What is the Cat Ninja School Buddy blog about?

The Cat Ninja School Buddy blog is a blog for cat lovers and ninja enthusiasts alike. Every post has something to do with ninjas and cats, and if it doesn’t, the title will make up for it. Here on this blog, you can be sure that you’ll witness the cutest pictures of me dressed as a ninja or playing with my ninja star and you can match me up with the most famous (and infamous) ninjas (real and fictional).

Every post also comes with a little “sub-lesson” about cats. It’s like I’m your teacher and I’m teaching you everything about cats! These lessons are based on my personal experiences around our house, but since we live in Canada, they’ll use Canadian English (therefore, if it says “color” instead of “color”, please don’t panic. It’s just how we say things here.)

Why did I buy a Cat Ninja School Buddy, you ask?

I’ll tell ya! Also, this post will make more sense if you read the first one first.

I bought a Cat Ninja School Buddy because she’s so cute! She has these pink shoes with hearts on them and her little ninja outfit is made of black cloth. On the back, it says “Cat Ninja” in Japanese. She has a belt and everything! Also, she’s about three inches tall – the perfect size to put on my shoulder for use as a keychain/purse charm.

The very first thing I wanted to do when I got her home was take off the headband over her eyes. This is because I don’t like things covering my eyes. I understand not liking things over your mouth, but your eyes are pretty important, too! And I didn’t want to accidentally risk poking her eyes out by forcing the headband down. The headband is attached with hot melt glue.

Final thoughts:

 I know I already said this, but I love her. A lot. She’s a great addition to my keychain collection!  She was cheap, and also fun to find because she had a little bit of a story involved in the transaction. I’d say that alone makes her worth buying.  I would recommend this to anyone looking for a keychain or lanyard buddy, or even just someone looking to turn their keychain into an epic adventure!

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