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Shayari is a form of poetry that originated in India. It has been around for hundreds of years and it continues to be popular today. There are many different types of shayari, but this blog post will focus on the more traditional style.

As you read these verses, please remember that they were written by someone who was experiencing the joys and sorrows of life just as we all do. The beauty lies in how their words transcend time and bring us together as one through our shared experience with love and loss, hope and fear, laughter and tears – all those things we may never fully understand but know deep down to be true just the same.

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Shayari is a unique form of poetry because it often uses imagery from daily life. The fact that the writers have been able to communicate so much with so few words amazes me. There are many different meanings that can be ascribed to a single line, based on what images or ideas an individual reader may pick up on.

It’s interesting how one of the most famous of all shayari was not originally meant for public eyes. It was written by Emperor Jehangir in 1606 as a note for his wife after she gave birth to their son, Prince Khurram (who later became Emperor Shah Jahan). It reads:

“You are the sunlight of my eyes

The Mary and Joseph of my heart

The meaning is open to interpretation, but my personal favorite is this one by Faiz Ahmad Faiz:

“My country, I will sing for you always.

I will speak up for your beauty and strength.

In all your troubles I will laugh.”

These words capture the unbreakable spirit of a people and I truly believe it to be true.

Another beautiful thing about shayari as a form of poetry is that it’s meant to be shared with the world. Most writers want their words to be read – they hope others can relate or appreciate what they have gone through. And perhaps more importantly, they hope they can teach us something valuable along the way.

As a final note, here’s a couple of quick definitions for those who may not be

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