Unveiling the Amazing Mobile With Amazing Features

The Vivo Y11 is one of the leading smartphone handsets from the Indian company. It is equipped with a powerful 1 GHz quad-core processor, Adreno smart chip, 2GB RAM, an eight mega-apixel camera with OIS lens, a 5 mega-inch LCD screen, and runs on Android OS 5.1. The company claims that this smartphone is ideal for anyone who wants to do more than just chat on the phone – this handset comes with so much other interesting stuff that will make you go ‘wow’. But before getting down to the exciting stuff, let us try to understand the features of the Vivo Y11 so that we know what to expect when we go out to buy it.

As pointed out by the company, the Vivo Y11 has a high resolution screen which offers true sharpness and clarity to its display. This is one reason why it is so popular among young crowds. vivo y11 It has all the modern facilities that are available in high resolution handsets like 4.3 inch HD screens, a high resolution camera, and an impressive feature known as fuctionx memory, which helps in saving up a huge amount of data.

The Vivo Y11 price in India is currently on a rocketing pace. The first batch of handsets were sold for prices as low as just around Rs 500 in few states. The reason behind the brisk sale of this smartphone is the unbeatable features that come along with it. It comes with a sleek body, complete with a dual touch screen and a large bezel, along with powerful speakers, a huge amount of memory, a high resolution camera, and a notification LED on the home key. If you want to buy a convincing handset, go for a Vivo Y11 and you would surely not regret it.

The price of this handset is quite high, but if you think about the features and the speed of the device, there is no reason to think otherwise. There is no denying that the price might be a bit steep, but you will definitely feel the difference when you use it. The vivo y11 price is definitely a tad bit higher than the cost of some of the leading smartphones in the market. The reason why it costs so much is because it comes with a powerful camera and many other features that make it different.

The powerful image sensor and the six customizable screens give it an edge over other mobiles. When it comes to the battery capacity, this phone has the maximum available in terms of the storage space. Its screen size is also big enough to cater to the majority of the users. There is no doubt that the price of this handset will definitely shoot up after it sells like hot cakes in the Indian markets.

The vivo y11 is available from all leading online mobile stores at the cheapest price after discounts and offers. There are many online stores that offer freebies along with the deal. You can surely get this awesome smartphone in the second week of October when it comes with the special price of just Rs 15000 in most of the online shops.

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